If you would like to speak to one of our past guests about their great trip to Northern Lights Lodge please contact us and we will provide you with some references.

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Here are some of the letters we have received from past guests.

 Hi All,    
Just a short note to say how fantastic the fishing has been for us at Plumbtree North Outpost.  The walleye fishing is second to none.  I'm sure that there are places to catch more walleyes but that's because it doesn't take long to bring little ones into the boat.  At Plumbtree where the average walleye is 22"plus, it takes longer to get walleye into the boat.  Northern Pike are numerous to say the least.  We can catch all the Pike we want with a lot of fish over 30".  The Lake Trout fishing is great and they're great eating.
The portage lakes have super fishing also.  You never have to worry about fishing the same spot or running out of places to fish.  In three years of fishing at Plumbtree we've received NINE master angler awards!  That's saying something about the fishing!  

See you in June,

West Bend, WI

BJ Outdoors Crew
June 15-21

1/2 day of little rain, otherwise sunny to partly, great weather, one of the best outpost camps for accommodations, boats, amenities!

** 4 Master Anglers**

Great Lake! Great Fishing! Great Camp!
Hot Showers and Sauna made the day!
Bill Meierhofer (BJ)

June 15th 11 pike 1-48" , 1-36"
10 walleyes all over 22" up to 25.75
June 16th 1 laker
21 pike
13 walleye
June 17th 30 walleyes 27 were over 22"; fish; smallest was 19";1-27.5, 1-28.5
8 pike
June 18th 2 lakers
9 pike
46 walleyes ALL BIG!!!
3 whitefish
June 19th 1 laker
27 pike
31 walleyes ALL BIG!!!
1 whitefish
June 20th 41 pike 1-44"
5 walleyes

Dear Lori, John 
Geoff & I and the rest of my family and friends alike, would like you all to know, that after last Tuesdays atrocity at the World Trade Center & Pentagon that we all are so sorry and constantly thinking of everyone of you. Please, on all the American citizens behalf, accept our love, thoughts, & prayers. 

Lots of Love & Kisses, Lynn, Geoff & Family
Guests from England

John and Lori,
This was our second year at Border Lake outpost and I never thought it could be any better than the year before, which was wonderful.  Your accommodations at Border are great and knowing the set up, we were at the camp and on the lake within an hour fishing!
The fishing was the best.  We all were determined to each get the Trifecta - Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout - and we did it this year!  One of us in the group also caught a Golden Eye which was a surprise to all of us.  The biggest was a 48" Northern caught by my son (he is still showing off his pictures) and the most in one day was 61 fish.  Needless to say we caught hundreds of fish that week.
We look forward to our week of fishing, the quietness of the area and the Northern Lights.  My son tells me each time he goes there he comes back a different person.  Come to think of it, we all do.
Thank you again for your hospitality.   

Bettie Shelby and Family

Hello to all the Frank family,
I've been fishing and hunting in the U.S. from Minnesota to the western states, but the experiences in Manitoba are ones my son and I will not soon forget.  The fishing and hunting were great.  My son, Jacob, had a wonderful time. The highlight of his trip were the chocolate chip cookies Lori made!!
Bear hunter from Minnesota

Way to go Dad!!!

To the crew at Northern Lights Lodge:
Special thanks for making our week at Border Lake Outpost Camp a week we will never forget.  Ever since our first encounter at the sports show in 1999, we had been trying to make arrangements and finally were able to put all the pieces together in 2001.
After a relaxing flight from Winnipeg to Lynn Lake, we were met and transported to the grocery store where we bought food and then departed with a beautiful flight into Border Lake landing perfectly with an awesome sight of the protected cabin and sandy shoreline.
Border Lake has an abundance of Northern Pike and Walleye.  We did not fish for Lake Trout, but with the structure we found, it would be an exciting possibility.  We fished one of the portage lakes and the excellent fishing continued there.  
The picture postcard scenery was overwhelming.  The bald eagle nest in the back country was a sight to behold and listening to the wolves in the evening put an end to our days.
The accommodations were absolutely first class.  We stayed at other outpost camps, but none as clean and kept as this one.  The sauna was a plus.  Boats and motors were first class and in excellent running condition.  Northern Lights Lodge is to be commended on the way they keep their camps and equipment.  We are coming back in 2002, no hesitation.  We have our week picked and can't wait for the time to come. 

John & Angie Ross
Bismarck, ND 

John, Lori:

     Just wanted you all to know just how great a time we had this past July.  All four of us, Terry, Andrew, Nick and I just couldn't believe how wonderful our experience was a Border Lake.  It was everything we had hoped it to be a much more.

     The fishing was super, cabins were great and the scenery was truly beautiful.  It couldn't have been better.

     Thanks so much for the warm hospitality and superb service you provided us from the first day we talked about fishing Border Lake.

     We are planning on coming back to fish Border Lake in July 2003.

     Have a wonderful holiday season, look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warmest regards, Kurt
Leavenworth, Kansas

 Dear Northern Lights Lodge:
Thanks for the great trip.  Fishing was great, especially on tractor lake. Good boats, good motors, good weather.  Had a fun time.
Dave & Chuck Peterman
Brothers from Minnesota