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Fall Moose Hunt 2019
We got back to the main lodge October 11 after spending three weeks at our moose hunting cabin. With the cool summer we thought the moose would be in the rut early. We didn't have a hard frost until late September and didn't realize how warm the water was until we got to cabin on the lake we hunt on and we went out fishing and couldn't catch any Lake Trout. They usually start to spawn starting around the middle of September. We only caught five Lake Trout during the hunt and they were after October 1. Also the water was extremely high, at least eighteen inches higher than average. Many of the places we found moose other years was under water. With the warm weather the moose were not coming to the call. We hunted for 17 days and only had calm enough weather to call about six times. So what we did is drove the shore lines hoping to catch a bull walking along. On the sixth evening John was with Bill and we spotted a nice bull coming towards us about 200 yards down the lake on a curve. John putted the boat toward him and bill shot a nice 49 inch bull. We had plenty of wind the next few days so we wound up with one nice moose the first week. The next two hunters came in on Tuesday, October 1. We continued to call whenever the wind was calm, which wasn't too often. In the first week John was calling for Bill on the north end of the lake. When they left they put up a trail cam. We picked it up five days later and it showed a nice bull had come through two days after the cam was put up, so we knew there was a bull down there. On Sunday morning Lori was down there calling with Al. All at once they heard a bull grunting and looked across the lake about 200 yards and spotted a really nice bull coming toward them. He stopped and Al made a good shot, taking down another 49 inch bull. So we wound up with two nice bulls for our four hunters. We have attached pictures of the two moose. When we consider the weather and the fact that 30 plus local hunters from town only took five bulls we felt pretty good about our efforts. We know there is still at least one nice bull on the north end of the lake for next year as the one on the trail cam was not the one shot. We enjoyed our guests and really had a great time.

Summer 2019
We flew into the lodge on June 1.It sure was nice to be back. The summer was a little cooler than normal, but when September came, the first two weeks were warmer that August. Fishing was fantastic as usual. We caught some trophy fish including Lori's 37 inch Lake Trout. We caught a lot of walleyes and had a lot of delicious shore lunches. We got the greenhouse planted in early June and enjoyed our fresh produce throughout the summer. We had a few nights by the fire with beautiful northern lights. We always have a great time and would like to share this fantastic experience with you. We flew out of the lodge on October 22.

Spring Bear Hunt 2019
We started to bait on June 2. We put out baits on nine stands in an area which covers about 100 square miles. About the third day at the lodge a nice black bear strolled in. We yelled and away he went. We had four hunters come in on June 9. They were suppose to come in on June 8, but we had bad weather and couldn't fly until the next day. We had everyone on stands the evening of the 9th. One hunter spotted a smaller blonde bear the first night and passed on it. Every stand we put hunters on the first night had been hit. Every stand we have was hit and two stands were hit by at least two bears. As you can see by the pictures we got some nice bears. Two hunters were successful. One bear was black and the other was a beautiful strawberry blonde. We have a lot of color phase bears. Every hunter had a chance to take a bear. One hunter missed his bear and the other hunter watched his bear for an hour and a half one night and took several pictures but he thought it was too small until we looked at the pictures and determined it was not a huge bear but it wasn't small either. He went back to that same stand the next two nights but the bear never showed up. There are a lot of bears in our area. Our hunters also had some fantastic fishing. We are going to add two more hunts to try to cut our numbers down. We will be doing six seven day fishing and hunting combination trips between June 6-13 and June 13-20, 2020. We like to have either two or four people in your group. The price is $3,500.00 USD per person, which includes all taxes, bear license, and allocation fees. This is a fly in trip and we are the only ones in the area. The terms of payment are $1,750.00 down at time of booking and the balance of $1,750.00 on March 1, 2020. If you want a great fly in bear hunt and fishing trip give us a call today. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

John & Lori Frank


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I would like to pass this along to you.

I’m Going Someday
A cowboy poem for all those
sportsmen who dream of someday
taking "that trip of a lifetime!"
Gunnison, Colorado

Some days come and some days go,
But Someday never gets here.
Someday is just a dream away.
Someday is always next year.

Someday, we’re all goin’ fishin’.
I’m taking my family with me.
We’re heading to the lunker lake,
Where that trophy’s sure to be.

Someday, we’ll all raft the river,
Or maybe paddle by canoe.
We’ll soak up fun and challenge.
There’s nothin’ we won’t do.

Someday, I’m heading up North,
Or maybe I’ll head West.
Take my son on that dream hunt
Where hunting is the best.

We’ll go by boat, we’ll go by plane,
Or maybe mule or horse.
Somewhere where, big game is big,
In the wilderness of course.

Someday, I’ll win big in the lotto,
And when my ship comes in,
I’ll find the time, I’ll find the money,
I’ll be gone with the wind.

Yet something says there’s work to do
And bills that must be paid.
That time and money can’t be found.
They both must be made.

So the time had come for action.
Someday would soon be here.
I’d go for broke. I’d make my move,
I’d overcome my fear.

Then I called the man to set it up,
to confirm our coming date.
He said, "Someday’s been booked for
years," That we were way too late.

He says, "Everyone’s going someday."
The most popular of days.
He suggested I try firsts or seconds
Of Junes, Julys or Mays

And, when I cursed in great frustration,
He sensed that I’d turned red.
So he agreed to confirm a date for me –
that someday – I’d be dead.

And on that day we’ll be together,
my family and my friends.
They’ll toast the times that could have
been and say their last "Amens."

They’ll say, "Ol John was quite a guy.
He knew how to set a goal!"
Then bury those dreams right with him
inside a six foot hole.

Cuz some days come and some days go,
And Someday will finally get here.
Someday when your dreamin’s done.
Someday there’ll be no next year.

So make the time, take the money,
make your dreams come true.
Because every day is some day.
The decision is up to you.

Remember, last years next year is this year. We will give you the hunting and/or fishing adventures you have always dreamed about. If you have any questions, or would like to book a trip to Northern Lights Lodge, please feel free to give us a call any day or evening. If you call and we are not in, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You could also e-mail us at john@northernlightslodge.com