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Hi from Northern Lights Lodge. John, Lori, and Koda arrived in Lynn Lake on April 3 and took a helicopter out to the Lodge the morning of April 4. Temperatures were in the high twenties and stayed nice for a few days and then it turned colder. We had plenty of wood and stayed nice and warm. We had a couple of nights that hit -15 and plenty of nights that got below zero. We had a lot of snow and were pretty much confined to the lodge for about three weeks. We can't tell you how beautiful it was up here that time of year. With the water moving so fast past the lodge to the rapids we had a couple acres of open water in front of the lodge. About a week after we arrivied we had some Canadian geese in the bay, along with ducks and an Otter. We had quite the site when we watched an Eagle swoop down and try and pick a duck out of the water. The weather stayed cold all of April and most of May. We had hoped to be able to take the Argo on to the ice and get wood and do some ice fishing, but we had about four feet of snow in March and April and it put so much weight on the ice that the water came through and created over a foot of slush, and we could not get on the lakes. The ice did't go off until May 29 and John got a ride to town from a friend that has a floatplane on Tuesday the 30, which was the first day in about four days that we could fly because of the weather. John drove to The Pas, Manitoba (450 miles) Wednesday morning to get our floatplane and do a lot of shopping for supplies that afternoon. Thursday morning he flew out of The Pas to the lodge and arrived around noon.

     With the large snow fall the lakes are really high. As of today, July 16, our docks are all still under water, so we have to beach the plane and boats on shore. We have had a plenty of rain, so no problem with forest fires. The water is about two feet higher than normal, but with that fishing has been as good as we have ever had. The water has stayed cold as the temperatures have been. Our guests are still catching Lake Trout near the surface while trolling for Northerns. The biggeest Northern so far was 42 inches caught by Loren of New Ulm, Minnesota. We have had several Lake Trout over 30 inches also. The Walleyes have really been hot and big. We have had several caught in the mid 20 inch range with the biggest coming in at 28 inches.

    As usual Lori's cooking at the main lodge was a huge success with everyone putting on an extra pound or two. We have plenty of openings the rest of this summer at the Main Lodge or our Plubtree outcamp. If you can't make it this year now is a good time to book next years trip. We also have two bear hunts left for 2018 and four moose hunts for 2018. You can reach us by phone or email. We are always excited to talk about the fantastic hunting and fishing we have. If you want references we will supply them. Most of our guests will tell you that you just can't find better fishing than at Northern Lights Lodge.

John & Lori Frank


Lori's cookbook "A Taste of The North" has been a big success, selling many copies this past summer. If you are looking for a collection of wild and tame recipes, you'll want this book. To order a copy of "A Taste Of The North" for only $13 with FREE shipping, click on the "Buy Now" button below or mail a check to:

Northern Lights Lodge
36 Hillside Drive
Winnebago, MN 56098 

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John & Lori Frank
36 Hillside Drive 
Winnebago MN, 56098 
 e-mail john@northernlightslodge.com

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I would like to pass this poem along to you.

I’m Going Someday
A cowboy poem for all those
sportsmen who dream of someday
taking "that trip of a lifetime!"
Gunnison, Colorado

Some days come and some days go,
But Someday never gets here.
Someday is just a dream away.
Someday is always next year.

Someday, we’re all goin’ fishin’.
I’m taking my family with me.
We’re heading to the lunker lake,
Where that trophy’s sure to be.

Someday, we’ll all raft the river,
Or maybe paddle by canoe.
We’ll soak up fun and challenge.
There’s nothin’ we won’t do.

Someday, I’m heading up North,
Or maybe I’ll head West.
Take my son on that dream hunt
Where hunting is the best.

We’ll go by boat, we’ll go by plane,
Or maybe mule or horse.
Somewhere where, big game is big,
In the wilderness of course.

Someday, I’ll win big in the lotto,
And when my ship comes in,
I’ll find the time, I’ll find the money,
I’ll be gone with the wind.

Yet something says there’s work to do
And bills that must be paid.
That time and money can’t be found.
They both must be made.

So the time had come for action.
Someday would soon be here.
I’d go for broke. I’d make my move,
I’d overcome my fear.

Then I called the man to set it up,
to confirm our coming date.
He said, "Someday’s been booked for
years," That we were way too late.

He says, "Everyone’s going someday."
The most popular of days.
He suggested I try firsts or seconds
Of Junes, Julys or Mays

And, when I cursed in great frustration,
He sensed that I’d turned red.
So he agreed to confirm a date for me –
that someday – I’d be dead.

And on that day we’ll be together,
my family and my friends.
They’ll toast the times that could have
been and say their last "Amens."

They’ll say, "Ol John was quite a guy.
He knew how to set a goal!"
Then bury those dreams right with him
inside a six foot hole.

Cuz some days come and some days go,
And Someday will finally get here.
Someday when your dreamin’s done.
Someday there’ll be no next year.

So make the time, take the money,
make your dreams come true.
Because every day is some day.
The decision is up to you.

Remember, last years next year is this year. We will give you the hunting and/or fishing adventures you have always dreamed about. If you have any questions, or would like to book a trip to Northern Lights Lodge, please feel free to give us a call any day or evening. If you call and we are not in, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You could also e-mail us at john@northernlightslodge.com

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