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Come fish and/or hunt with us and see the undiscovered beauty of Northern Lights Lodge and Outcamps. You will have the adventure of a lifetime. For reservations, references, or further information, feel free to give us a call any day or evening. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

John & Lori Frank
Northern Lights Lodge, Ltd.
36 Hillside Drive
Winnebago MN, 56098
Phone 1-605-743-6214

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We welcome your comments/suggestions or requests for information.  To help us better serve your needs, any information that you could give us such as group size, main lodge or outcamp, hunting or fishing, or time slot desired would be greatly appreciated.


maptest2.gif (18261 bytes) Our Main Lodge is located on Matheson Lake, 44 air miles SW of Lynn Lake, Manitoba, which is the sport fishing capitol of Manitoba, or 500 air miles north of Winnipeg. Outcamps are all within 30 miles of the main lodge. The lodge is situated above the 56th parallel in the auroral zone, making for our beautiful northern lights displays.

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